The free terminal and multiprotocol client for Linux

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use other protocols in addition to SSH and Telnet?
A: Sure you can. To add new protocols, access the protocols management panel via the "Connections->Edit protocols" menu. Here you can build the command line for the protocol you need.

Q: SSH authentication fails with the right password on some servers. How is it possible?
A: This could be mainly due to an old version of libssh. Try installing a newer version.

Q: I get this message: "Unknown authentication method for server". What does it mean?
A: Server you are connecting to doesn't inform client about allowed authentication methods. Try connecting again but uncheck the "Enable SFTP" box in the log in mask.

Q: ltrem crashes after the upgrade to a newer version.
A: Try removing (or renaming) folder $HOME/lterm and try again.

Q: I want to know the version of libraries lterm is linked with. How can I do that?
A: Click on "Help" menu and select "About" item. Once you see the about dialog window, click on the "Libraries" tab.

Q: What to do if lterm crashes?
A: Since version 1.0.0 lterm writes a log file in the folder $HOME/.lterm. The file is called lterm.log. Next time you get a crash make a copy of the log file and send us by email: fab.leo (at)