The free terminal and multiprotocol client for Linux


# Release changes

lterm 1.5.0 (12 Aug 2017)

New features:
- Remote files editing works with any local editor, even editors without sftp capability (e.g. Sublime).
- Popup message when uploads and downloads are completed.
- More SSH options

- Mac OS X: TextEdit is now the default text editor.
- Uploads and downloads work in background and don't block the program any more.
- Internal changes

Bug fixes:
- Local shells didn't open if using zsh
- Mac OS X: remote file opening didn't work properly
- Tab changes alert didn't work properly
- Program could crash sometimes while saving current session

lterm 1.4.1 (13 Nov 2016)

New features:
- Can change last modification and access time of remote files.

- Ctrl+R cycles through reverse i search instead of detacthing tab.

Bug fixes:
- In "Edit connection" window couldn't edit port entry by keyboard.
- Connection->Log off didn't work anymore with recent libvte versions.
- Can crash sometimes with very long lines.
- Unstable under some circumstances.

lterm 1.4.0 (23 Jul 2016)

New features:
- Split view to see more terminals on the screen.
- Send commands to a cluster of terminals.
- Select an identity file for each connection when authenticating by key.
- Make a copy of remote files by SFTP popup menu.
- X11 forwarding option in ssh connections.

- Increased sftp buffer limit.
- Can specify port when opening a remote file with local text editor.
- Removed custom emulation. Always "xterm" is used.
- Can stop long SFTP operations.
- Linux: compatible with vte-0.91
- Recent connections file is now in xml format
- Some minor changes.

Bug fixes:
- Terminal background color control was not initialized when creating a new profile.
- Local files were not closed after being downloaded.

lterm 1.3.2 (26 Aug 2015)

Bug fixes:
- Copy/Paste from terminal popup menu didn't work any more.

lterm 1.3.1 (24 Aug 2015)

- Better copy when selection includes an hypertext.
- More compatibility with older versions of libssh.

Bug fixes:
- Linux: Crash at startup when running on newer system versions.
- Mac: Crash when choosing uploading file from recent files.
- Mac: Paste text into terminal instead of the active entry field.
- Asking a not needed password when logged by key.

lterm 1.3.0 (09 Nov 2014)

New features:
- Authentication by key.
- Hypertextual IP addresses.
- Different icons for different file types in the SFTP panel.
- Added "cd to current directory" in SFTP popup menu.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed annoying cursor behaviour in filter entry.
- Fixed possible cause of crash when closing tabs.

lterm 1.2.1 (13 Sep 2014)

New features:
- Store last directory used for upload and download.

Bug fixes:
- Possible crash with very long lines in the terminal.

lterm 1.2.0 (7 Aug 2014)

New features:
- Directory history in the SFTP panel.
- More items in the SFTP popup menu.

Bug fixes:
- Authentication with right user and password may fail on some server, now fixed.
- Removed annoying focus grabbing of filter entry in the sidebar.

lterm 1.1.0 (18 May 2014)

New features:
- Can disable sftp functions if needed.
- Can compile in debug mode by executing ./configure --enable-debug

Bug fixes:
- User can now write into authentication entries in "Advanced" tab.
- Inform user when no authentication method is returned by server

lterm 1.0.0 (10 May 2014)

New features:
- SFTP file transer.
- Remote text files editing.
- Remote files and directories management.
- Find text in the terminal.
- Color/style profile management.
- Log file

lterm 0.4.0 (25 Apr 2013)

New features:
- lterm can now be compiled on Mac OS X.
- Connections with fatal errors are painted red.

- "Log on" dialog window perfectly centered.
- Some functions rewritten better.

Bug fixes:
- File descriptors were left open when checking connections
and the maximum number of open files could be reached.

lterm 0.3.1 (16 Jul 2012)

New features:
- Search entry field in the toolbar.
- Ability to organize connections into folders.
- Post-it for adding notes to connections.
- Ability to duplicate connections in one click.

- User connections are saved in xml format.

Bug fixes:
- Recent connections menu now works fine.

lterm 0.3.0 (10 Jun 2012)

- Runs with GTK+ 2.0 and GTK+ 3.0 (can choose if both installed)
- Better managing of login steps

Bug fixes:
- In enabling/disabling connection authentication parameters
- In loading/saving session
- Removed annoying window resizing under KDE and XFCE

lterm 0.2.9 (26 May 2012)

New features:
- Paste host from popup menu by right click
- Copy host to clipboard from quick launch window

Bug fixes:
- Some little adjustments

lterm 0.2.8 (26 February 2012)

- Some bugs fixed

lterm 0.2.7 (12 August 2011)

- New feature: Session recovery and saving
- New feature: Recent used connections
- New feature: Duplication for local shell
- New feature: Gray color for tabs on disconnection
- Bug fix: when changing port value
- Bug fix: on disconnection and subsequent tab closing

lterm 0.2.6 (11 July 2011)

- New feature: connection duplication
- New feature: connections list import and export
- New feature: some more options for protocols
- New feature: desktop menu shortcut

lterm 0.2.5 (3 April 2011)

- New feature: protocol editing
- Bug fix: important bugs fixed

lterm 0.2.4 (12 March 2011)

- Quick lauch window
- Searching can be done by host.
- Connection warnings
- Start directory for terminal on local host

lterm 0.2.3 (31 October 2010)

- Activity alerts on tab labels
- Fixed some bugs in setting preferences

lterm 0.2.2 (24 October 2010)

- User and password saving for instant authentication when loggin on
- Needs libssl-dev for password DES encrypting
- Improved configuration for Samba connections

lterm 0.2.1 (17 October 2010)

- User can change mouse behaviour (for example to get PuTTY-like copy/paste)
- "Copy and paste" menu item (as in SecureCRT)

lterm 0.2.0 (10 October 2010)

- Introduced tabs to manage more terminals
- Bug fix: when saving last user